Sewell Facilities

Our priority is to provide you with peace of mind around the clock.

From general maintenance and lifecycle planning, to preventative programmes of work and statutory compliance, our local, hands on support will ensure your buildings are safe, legal, well maintained and fit for purpose 24/7.

As a Sunday Times 100 Best Company To Work for, we strive to be a great place to work so we can be a great, innovative company to deal with.

Help is only a maximum of 30 minutes away, so you can rest safe in the knowledge every aspect of your buildings and grounds will be taken care of.

“I think the difference is that they actually care about us and their staff. They want to look after our school. It makes our lives so much easier.”

Jenny Scholes, Business Manager, Dunnington Primary School, York.

“The service users are always complimenting us on how well the building is kept. It is because Sewell cares as much as we do about where we work.”

Louise Furley, Community Health Care Partnerships CIC, Marfleet Primary Health Care Centre.

“I’m really impressed with the support from Sewell. They’ve helped me clearly understand where we’re at with health and safety compliance and how we can raise the bar. The input and support has been fantastic.”

Jo Harrison, Headteacher, Stoneferry Primary School.

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  • #4 Finally, keep a professional maintenance schedule. A well maintained air-conditioning unit works more efficiently and lasts longer. If you need any help or advice, you know where to find us 😉 #WREFD19 @WorldRefDay
  • #3 Keep all windows shut. Just like you would in your car, this helps to keep the warm air outside from entering the building. (Plus you avoid this problem👇🏼 on a windy day!) #WREFD19 @WorldRefDay
  • #2 Keep your air filters clean! 'Hinch' those filters regularly to allow airflow through the air-conditioning unit. Blocked filters can stop the unit from cooling efficiently. #WREFD19 @WorldRefDay #WeCare
  • #1 Keep the sun out of your room. Closing your blinds & curtains will stop any solar gain in objects in the room. #WREFD19 @WorldRefDay
  • Today is #WREFD19. I know, we don't need to remind you, you've been waiting for it all year! We've got a few top tips to share with you to get the most from your air con system in your facility, so you don’t end up like this 👇🏼 @WorldRefDay
  • #ThrowbackThursday to @IWFM_North event at the Sewell Studio. A fantastic turnout and a big thank you to all our inspirational speakers for sharing their stories!
  • "Get used to the idea you are going to fail along the way. If you keep working hard & don’t give up, eventually the law of averages says you’re going to get lucky." Wise words from our good friend @TommyCoyle89. Click here for more words of inspiration: