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  • Not only a great Charlie Chaplin impersonator but he also has fabulous presenting skills 😁 @arnett_paul https://t.co/78683B2fVO
  • A splash of paint and it's as good as new.🖌️A quick turnaround by Ricky at Wilberforce Health Centre refreshing the paintwork on the external shed. 👌 #itsthelittlethings https://t.co/Q7wMrppX5z
  • Fantastic news, congratulations to everyone involved! Some much needed positive news to have such a highly regarded school in our region.🥳🤩 https://t.co/seJC5Z8p0O
  • There are many ways you can best prepare your school for the safe return of staff and pupils. Find out more in our recent blog here: https://t.co/XtZHUu8DcZ #WorldFMDay #CelebratingOurEnvironment @WorldFMDay @IWFM_UK https://t.co/0nrO4h9KgS
  • 'Duck dad'! Love it 🥰 https://t.co/s4hs4LgAlY
  • The regular occupants @VictoriaDockPS are missing their friends but Phil is on hand to keep them company. Can you believe it has been 3 years since they first arrived? Share with us the animals you’re sharing your work environment with at the moment. #WorldFMDay https://t.co/xA4GywPqxr
  • With the prospect of schools reopening, there’s a lot to prepare these environments for. In our latest blog, @MartinJStead advises on what schools can do to best prepare for the safe return of their staff & pupils https://t.co/XtZHUuqeBz #WorldFMDay #CelebratingOurEnvironment https://t.co/ZD636yClZV