Water hygiene is an important part of looking after any commercial or public building to ensure that things like Legionella are prevented.

Building owners have a legal responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work act 1974 to ensure that their employees and building users are protected from Legionnaire’s disease and other water borne bacteria.

With our new Water Hygiene offer, we can provide a tailored service that can help you understand your responsibilities when it comes to water safety, offer the advice you need and provide onsite support.

What are my responsibilities?

As a building manager, you need to ensure you have sufficient risk assessments in place and appoint a suitable competent responsible person. Our in-house experts are there to guide and support you to ensure you operate a safe water system within your building. Whatever your sector.

Whether you need wider facilities management services or not, we can simply come and carry out a risk assessment to give you a benchmark of where your building is at and help you consider what regular maintenance you need in place to meet your obligations and minimise the risks.


What service do we offer?

We have offered water hygiene inspections and servicing for many years as part of our wider offer and have now launched a specific service for people that want to check they’re compliant in these aspects. If you are a building owner, employer, or someone in control of premises (eg landlord), you have a duty to understand and manage your water system.

We can offer customers an initial Legionella risk assessment, which reviews the entire building to ensure any water systems and outlets are safe and well maintained. We also cover Legionella compliance services, water treatment, maintenance, regular inspections and remedial works to commercial and public sector clients across Yorkshire.

Our Legionella Risk Assessments are completed in line with BS8580-1:2019: Risk Assessment for Legionella Control, 2019

Legionella control and water hygiene

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A friendly, tailored service

Our experienced engineers get to know your building, and you’ll deal with the same people each time they visit. Once the initial deep-dive inspection has been completed, we’ll offer a package of solutions that’s tailored to the exact needs of your building. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and depending on the size, usage and number of water outlets in your building, you may need something very different from the building next door. We have the expertise and experience to put your mind at rest, so you can concentrate on running your day-to-day.

Care home maintenance

Extra support, if you need it

Because we offer a total facilities management solution as well, our engineers can spot other hotspots/areas that may need attention in your building, and offer advice and guidance, should you need it.

Speak to one of our team members for more information about how we can help.