Fire safety

Fire safety isn’t something you should leave to chance. Our fire safety experts will ensure you’ve got a clear fire safety strategy in place, and that all fire prevention, fire detection, fire suppression and fire fighting equipment is compliant, functional and well maintained. 

We offer a holistic service to ensure that your building has the systems, services, equipment and assessments to keep your building users and assets safe. 

What’s covered? 

Fire doors | Fire and smoke dampers | Fire suppression systems | Sprinkler systems | Fire alarms | Fire shutters | Fire fighting equipment 

We’re accredited with BAFE, the independent registration body for certificated fire safety organisations in the UK.

This means you can be sure your fire safety compliance requirements are being fulfilled by a provider with quality evidence of competency for fire services. 

“There are over 400 workplace fires in the UK every week. Making sure you have good safety systems in place, like a well maintained, inspected and tested alarm system, extinguishers, fire doors and compartmentation, can keep people safe and contain the fire, preventing damage to your building and saving lives.”


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