Sewell FM support World Water Day

To coincide with the launch of its Water Hygiene service on World Water Day, Sewell Facilities Management have pledged to donate £50 for every risk assessment booked during the rest of March and April to the Water Aid charity.

The Yorkshire-based facilities management company have worked with customers across the region for almost 30 years, offering a full range of services to ensure client’s buildings are safe, legal and compliant. They are now launching a standalone water hygiene service after noticing that many building owners are not clear on their legal responsibilities when it comes to water safety.

Water hygiene and protecting people from Legionnaire’s disease is a statutory responsibility for any building owner under the Health and Safety at Work act 1974, but many aren’t aware of what this entails.

Sewell FM have offered water hygiene inspections and servicing for many years as part of their wider offer, but have now launched a specific service for people that want to check they’re compliant in these aspects. Water hygiene is an important part of looking after any commercial or public building that people access to ensure the water system is safe for users.

Sewell FM can offer customers an initial risk assessment, which reviews the entire building to ensure any water systems and outlets are safe and well maintained, as well as a monthly inspection routine which is necessary in any building.

Sean Henderson, Sewell FM Managing Director, said:

“Water is one of life’s most essential commodities, but can cause problems if not managed properly. We know that many building owners are uncertain about their legal responsibilities in managing things like water and fire safety, so we wanted to launch a tailored service that can meet these needs and offer the advice that people need.

“To launch the new service on World Water Day gives us an opportunity to help raise wider global awareness too, about the challenges many people across the world face in not having access to clean water. If we can do a small thing to raise money to help the cause, then we’re glad to be able to.”

World Water Day, which takes place every year on the 22nd of March, is a UN observance day, with the aim to highlight the importance of freshwater and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water.

One of the clients Sewell FM currently work with to support their water safety responsibilities is Hob Moor Primary School in York. Hayley Wilkinson, School Business Partner, said:

“We’ve worked with Sewell FM for many years, which includes them looking after all of our water systems, risk assessments and weekly testing to make sure the water used across the school is safe for our staff and pupils to use. We also have a hydrotherapy pool, so there’s added considerations for us to take into account when dealing with water at these warmer temperatures.

“Sewell FM take all the worries away, as we know they’re on the case and would quickly pick up on any issues to make sure we’re fully compliant, and more importantly, that our school is safe, so we can concentrate on making sure pupils have the best possible education.”

To find out more about Sewell FM’s water safety service, or to book a risk assessment, click here. For every risk assessment booked during March and April, Sewell FM will donate £50 to Water Aid to support the plight for more clean water across the world.