soft services

Soft services are services delivered by people that make your working environment more comfortable, such as cleaning, caretaking and security. 

We can manage your soft services, allowing your business to focus on its day-to-day work, safe in the knowledge that the building will be clean, secure and well maintained. 

We’ll make sure everyone providing your soft services is well trained, experienced and professional, so you never need to worry about your building. 

What’s covered? 

Interior cleaning | External building cleaning (e.g. window cleaning) | Caretaking | Pest control | Security guards | Keyholder first response | Winter services | Front of house | Grounds maintenance | Waste management |

"The difference is that they actually case about us and their staff. They want to look after our school. It makes our lives so much easier, and the helpdesk has been really useful too."

Caroline Hancy, Headteacher, Dunnington Primary School, York

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