Risk assessments and inspections

We can put together a bespoke package of assessments, surveys and inspections that will ensure your building complies with all the relevant regulations. 

Whether you want a specific survey, such as a fire safety inspection, or you want us to cover everything in the building, we’re happy to help. 

What’s covered? 

Fire safety | Asbestos management | Lifts and lifting equipment (LOLER) | LOLER insurance inspections | Passive fire | Pressure vessel | Insurance inspections | Lightning protection | TM44 air conditioning inspections | Full health and safety inspections 

We’re qualified and registered across all the major services, including fire, gas, water safety and refrigerants.

"I'm really impressed with the support from Sewell. They've helped me clearly understand where we're at with health and safety compliance and how we can raise the bar." 


Want to be compliant, but need help? Get in touch with the experts.

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