Taking care of multiple convenience & forecourts sites


Serving more than four million customers every year, Sewell on the go is always open, making sure communities and customers have everything they need to keep going, at home or on the move, day or night.

With 13 sites across Hull and the East Riding, reliable facilities management support was needed around the clock to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Lifecycle, maintenance and longevity of the sites and their equipment needed to be considered and structured, with streamlined processes in place.

The business required a seamless system which records work carried out on every site, when it was completed, and when services or checks are next needed.


The Sewell Facilities Management team had lengthy discussions with Sewell on the go staff across the sites, creating a package which suited the business.

An example of the work includes monitoring the chillers and freezers on each site, including their history, how many times they have been repaired, and looking at whether it is more cost-effective to purchase new products and when.

Maintenance programmes and equipment checks are mapped out accordingly for each site, along with other services such as cleansing the drainage systems.


On hand 24/7, help is no more than 30 minutes away from all 13 Sewell on the go fuel and convenience stores, and servicing and checks of equipment, including freezers and fridges, are regulated in a more structured manner.

Flexible and collaborative working is achieved through a full facilities management package tailored to the needs of the business, which also includes:

  • Around the clock support across all 13 of Sewell on the go’s sites
  • Regular meetings with Sewell on the go teams, listening to their thoughts and ideas, and providing the right solutions
  • Completing extra jobs on sites whenever a Mobile Maintenance Technician is there
  • Offering expert advice and guidance in all aspects of facilities management
  • Knowing each other’s operations and taking an interest in how Sewell on the go does business


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"We run a 24-hour business and the teams from Sewell Facilities Management are there for us without hesitation whenever we need them. They are very proactive, and we know we're in safe hands."

Patrick Sewell, Managing Director
Sewell on the go