Mobile maintenance services across multiple buildings


Partners across Hull, within education, health and our public service estates, wanted a planned preventative and reactive maintenance regime that gave peace of mind that their buildings would be well maintained with work carried out quickly to a high standard. Delivering the required level of building maintenance and associated services across large primary care and community facilities in the most cost-effective way was needed.


Sewell Facilities Management operates a mobile maintenance system where a technician is no more than half an hour away. Alongside planned work to keep buildings safe, legal and compliant, they can respond if there is something wrong. This includes anything from a blocked toilet to replacing light bulbs and fixing electrical faults.


An efficient service, meaning the public sector organisations don’t have to employ someone full time but have access to a shared resource covering a locality. Each mobile maintenance technician has priceless knowledge of the facilities and pride in their places of work. Feedback from mobile maintenance technicians and information is given to partners via an app on a mobile device, saving time and paperwork. If a range of clients need to see a report, it’s placed on the helpdesk intranet, or they can ring the friendly operator who will provide updates on their building over the phone. They are always kept up to date by a regular friendly face, which creates strong customer relationships.

"In multi-occupancy sites it can be difficult to persuade tenants to work collegiately to maintain the standard of environments we expect. The Sewell FM mobile maintenance technicians demonstrate pride in their respective sites, ensuring that public space continue to meet our expectations and the tenant involvement in their own and the shared areas is coordinated to benefit all."

Debra Sutherland, Tenant Wilberforce Health Centre