Ensuring longevity of your building


As part of the ongoing service agreement at Alexandra Health Care Centre, Sewell Facilities Management planned annual maintenance, including the refurbishment of the waiting room. With an understanding of the age of the building, footfall and general wear and tear, we knew the area would require work to freshen it up.


The team developed up a programme of work to best fit in with the centre. It was planned to be completed after hours while the centre was closed in a bid to keep disruption to a minimum. This also ensured best value of time spent on work there.


The waiting room was brought back to day one quality, with work completed overnight. Floors were also replaced as part of the lifecycle plan, ensuring the day-to-day running of the centre was not disrupted in any way. Furniture was put back exactly where it belonged and staff were able to carry on with their jobs the following morning, delivering excellent patient care in a first class environment.

"We wanted to let you know how thrilled we all were this morning when we arrived at work to see how great the waiting room looks, with the new floor covering. We have experienced no mess at all, and the centre is looking terrific. A really professional job and friendly helpful approach as always."

Carole Robinson Alexandra Medical Centre, Hull