Ensuring compliance in your school


Caroline Hancy, Headteacher at Dunnington Primary School in York, wanted peace of mind that her school was safe and legally compliant. She needed a partner that could coordinate a regime of statutory checks along with taking care of back log maintenance to drive improvement across the school.


Sewell Facilities Management met with the school staff to listen to their concerns and understand what they were looking for from a Facilities Management provider. All schools are different and are at varying stages with their statutory checks and maintenance regimes, so it was important to develop a tailored package that was right for Dunnington.


The team carried out a statutory audit to gain a better insight into the school’s level of compliance and developed a report and proposed action plan for the school. Once Sewell Facilities Management got to know the school, we were able to develop a programme of planned and statutory maintenance along with some improvement works which would, over time, reduce the number of faults or failures, thus reducing the level of reactive support required.

Existing cleaning and caretaking staff TUPE’d to Sewell and were boosted with refresher training and a local management support network, increasing their engagement in the workplace. The school has confidence to know they are supported in all areas. The original TUPE’d staff still work for us after joining in July 2013.

"I think the difference is that they actually care about us and their staff. They want to look after our school. It makes our lives so much easier, and the helpdesk has been really useful too. The transfer to Sewell FM was seamless."

Caroline Hancy, Headteacher Dunnington Primary School, York