Caretaking & full time support


The priority in every school is the pupils and their education. Anything that causes a distraction from this is not welcome and the focus should not sway from the children. Part of running a school includes statutory checks and maintenance, dealing with deliveries, caretaking and other everyday essential tasks. St Barnabas CE Primary School, York, is no different and a solution was needed to cover all of these bases.


Sewell Facilities Management was brought in and appointed Keith as Facilities Officer. He joined the school team, taking a weight off the minds of staff and looking after caretaking duties, maintenance problems and deliveries, while being hands on to help throughout the day. Statutory checks, sourcing materials and record keeping can also take up a great deal of time, but Keith and the wider Sewell FM cover that too.


Keith has become an extension of the team at St Barnabas and is the constant friendly face at the school to deal with any day-to-day maintenance and caretaking duties. He also has the added assurance of being able to call on other members of the Sewell support team for expert skills, supplier sourcing, or holiday cover when needed, meaning the school is never left without a helpful pair of hands.

"The benefit to us is massive. We call on the team for any little thing, such as a ball on the roof or if a child has been sick, to bigger thing like if a door stops working or a toilet is blocked. They get things done quickly without any fuss."

Karen Boardman, Headteacher St Barnabas CE Primary School