Sustainability is high on all our agendas, so we can support you in making sure your building, and everything in it, is as sustainable as possible. We’ll look at the lifecycle of your assets and predict the optimum time to replace equipment and parts to limit the likelihood of disruption and breakdown. It’s also essential to achieving best value for money and a greener estate.

Asset Management

This is all about getting to know the ins and outs of your building to understand what assets you have, what condition they’re in, and what else you might need. This is crucial to the lifecycle planning process for us to be able to plan for maintenance and upgrades, ultimately minimising your overall costs.

Critical failure planning

For you to continue doing what you do best without the hassle, we maintain the operational functions of your building so well, that you won’t even notice what’s going on behind-the-scenes. We’re constantly assessing any risks, contingency planning, and looking at alternative options so we’re prepared for anything. There are no surprises with us – we’ll keep you informed, offering advice and guidance every step of the way.

Lifecycle management and forecasting

We’ll develop a forward-thinking, whole life cost strategy which looks at what your building might need in the future based on the life expectancy, replacement cost, and condition of your buildings existing assets. This way we can create a customer-focused plan aligned to your core business objectives and risk management structure. We’ll help maximise your estate’s value and limit disruption and breakdowns.

Facilities Management


We’re all on the road to a more sustainable future, and we want to help you get there. We can introduce an array of energy efficiency measures that will monitor usage to inform changes. Our sustainability and lifecycle management approaches are closely aligned, meaning we can look at your overall estate and develop a solution that will enhance and protect environmental capital, creating a more resource-efficient business.

Business Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM doesn’t just provide accurate, timely and relevant information during the design and construction phase of a building, more recently it has also been used to transform the whole lifecycle of an entire portfolio of facilities.

It looks at new ways to improve effectiveness of facilities operations, maintaining and utilising building information to manage operations and maintenance of buildings.

We can enter product and asset information required for preventative maintenance, compare various energy alternatives to reduce environmental impacts and operating costs, and help a business manager to better understand investment in certain materials and systems that may cost more initially but have a better payback over the life of the building.

This kind of data is also valuable for forecasting ongoing capital improvement costs.

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