Seamless service despite Leads Road accident

Sewell Facilities Management’s Business Continuity plans were put to the test in February following an accident at the junction of Geneva Way and Leads Road.

Emergency Services closed the road following the crash between a car and a bike on February 14th and Sewell Group employees could not reach the offices by car or on foot for several hours.

The Helpdesk’s plans kicked into place and the team worked from Bransholme and Orchard park health centres to ensure it was business as usual.

Team Leader Katie Crosby said:

“There was a serious accident, so people couldn’t reach the Sewell Studio.

“As the Helpdesk is contracted, we have to keep it going and we have a continuity plan in place.

“This was the first time the team hasn’t been able to get into the office and we sent them to two different health centres to operate from there.

“Nothing was affected and we still had our FM teams out on the road.

“We can replicate the phone system and the whole Helpdesk was operational by just after 8am, which is normal working hours, so the customers remained unaffected.

“This was the first major test of our continuity plan and it was seamless.”