Our MD, Martin Stead has joined the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission, an independent advisory body set up to bring actors from the public, private and third sectors together to support and guide ambitious climate actions across the region.

Martin has joined a board of volunteers from a wide variety of sectors across the region. Together, the Climate Commission hope to:

  • foster climate resilience and adaptation to climate risks and impacts
  • support rapid progress towards net zero carbon emissions
  • encourage a just and inclusive transition and climate actions that leave no-one and nowhere behind
  • promote sustainability and climate actions that also protect nature and biodiversity.

Martin says:

“Across the Yorkshire and umber region, we’ve seen first-hand the impact of climate change through the devastating effects of flooding. I’m excited to join the Y&H CC team as a representative for the built environment experience, but to also learn from the other commissioners about the wider role we can play corporately, and as individuals in promoting sustainability across the region.”

Find out who else is one the commissioners board here, and how you can get involved too.