Ducks prove to be a hit with pupils

Children at Victoria Dock Primary School are helping to care for two pet ducks – Fidget and Spinner.

Paul Beulah, Facilities Officer at Sewell Facilities Management, bought the ducks so the youngsters could have their own on-site pets.

Fidget and Spinner have settled into their new home since their arrival in July 2017 and Paul has created a duck house for them to call their own.

Paul said: “We used to have wild ducks but they stopped coming to the school, so I thought it would be a good idea to get two of our own. I bought them from a farm in Doncaster.

“They are definitely a hit with the children. They’re both white and they think they can fly, but they can’t.

“The children help to feed them and clean them out. I used to take them home, but they’re too big now, so we’ve constructed a duck house for them funded by the Parent, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA).”

Year two pupil Tristan Fletcher, six, is among the children who help to care for the ducks.

He said: “They are very noisy and quack a lot. I sometimes help to look after them and I see them every morning.

“I’m quite happy they are here at school and we feed them sweetcorn and peas.

“They are the school pets and they have their own house.”