Proactive lifecycle works – Newington Health Centre

Citycare and Sewell Construction have been responsible for building 14 health centres across Hull over the past 17 years. 12 of these are under the LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) model, the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre and the most recent addition to the portfolio, the West Hull Health Hub. 

Since the first LIFT building was completed back in 2005, Sewell FM has been maintaining all its health estate in ‘day one’ condition. Facilities managers are responsible for planned maintenance and callouts, but sometimes a proactive approach is needed on the older buildings to maintain the high-quality standards FM pride itself on. 

Newington Health Centre is one such building that has been receiving some proactive lifecycle improvements over recent months, on top of the day-to-day works managed by the team. 

Having opened back in 2006 – 16 years and a coronavirus pandemic later – improvements have been needed to bring Newington more in line with modern standards of quality, safety, and aesthetics. 

Upgrades include: 

  • Full refurbishment and redecoration with a more neutral white and grey colour scheme, 
  • New worktops and cabinets, 
  • Cleaner, white board finish around toilets and vanity units,  
  • Existing light strips replaced with LED panels,  
  • Existing blinds replaced with vertical, cordless blinds to improve safety and security for patients, 
  • Creating a more clinical space and nicer environment for both staff and patients. 

Improving estates through lifecycle works is something that is looked at every year by Sewell FM, which is quite a unique approach for a facilities management business. 

The buildings Sewell FM is responsible for, lead by example and a lot of NHS and CHP (Community Health Partnerships) partners use these health centres as the highest-quality benchmark for others to compare to. 




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